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Wizard Party is a super simple roleplaying system for people who like to yell at their friends in silly-speak.

Below are the actual rules. You can download them below along with character sheets where you can draw your own wizard.

Everyone is a wizard. Snag a character sheet and give yourself a name, an adjective, and tell the group how you focus your magic (“I am Gilbert the Green, I wield a Yew staff with an antlered skull at the top”). Your name doesn’t have to be alliterative, but it sure is more fun. To perform magic, utter one of the six magic words from one of the 3 magical disciplines listed below. Pick a target and/or modifier to create the spell. Announce the spell as clearly and wizardly as possible to the table (“Mako Burno Maximus!”). Roll 2d6 + Your skill level for that magic word. All combat rolls are opposing actions. The higher die wins. Non-combat rolls must beat or equal a challenge rating of 8 (normal difficulty) to 12 (very difficult). 2 and below is a critical fail, 12 and above is a critical success. Failure in a combat roll means 1-3 injuries to the loser at the GM’s discretion. 6 injuries means death. If you enchant something, give it a modifier equal to your Enchant skill (“Mace of Flame, +2”). If you fail a magic roll you gain a skill point in the spell you cast.

For non-magical actions or using enchanted items, roll 1d6 minus injuries. The same challenge ratings apply (8-12). This is also what the GM will roll for non-magical folk like angry townspeople who hate wizards. Yes, this forces you to use magic or enchant things to succeed at basic tasks.

The Gamemaster should go around the table and narrate the story as a result of everyone’s actions. When the players fail at doing magic, roll d6’s with the roll tables below. Pull from the dice pool you just rolled to replace a part of their spell to create a random mispell, then describe the effect. This is the primary mechanic you use to advance the story. Once players max out one magic discipline (Creation, Manipulation, Destruction) or when everyone’s getting bored you should fight the boss and end the campaign. When in doubt, use your imagination. Also, please, please, please consider making up your own Magic Words... it’s more fun that way!

Magic Words & Disciplines

1) Create – “Mako!”           
2) Enchant – “Presto!”       

3) Control – “Shifto!”
4) Transform – “Chango!”

5) Destroy – “Breako!”
6) Disenchant – “Unpresto!”


1) Water/Ice/Vapor – “Hydro!”    
2) Fire/Lava/Heat – “Burno!”    
3) Air/Wind/Speed – “Gusto!”    
4) Lightning/Electricity – “Zappo!”    
5) Ground/Stone/Ore – “Groundo!”    
6) Organic/Soul/Living– “Humbo!”

Modifiers (optional)

1) Grow/A Lot – “Maximus!”    
2) Shrink/Less – “Smidgemus!”    
3) Slow/Subtly – “Easimus!”    
4) Quicken/Powerfully – “Blastemus!”    
5) Unstable/Chaotically – “Krayzemus!”
6) Stabilize/Intentionally – “Harmonious!”


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